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Experienced Hire


At interPres, our growth is focused on assembling exceptional, results-oriented professionals that have a passion for excellence, a belief in the power of the team, integrity and leadership. When looking for Experienced Professionals, we look for individuals that have exhibited a record of professional achievement, are self-motivated, have excellent communication and problem solving skills, and believe in sharing knowledge and mentoring others. All our professionals bring a shared sense of community and a collective responsibility to producing work that we can all be proud of. There is tremendous opportunity for growth and advancement for exceptional individuals within our expanding firm.


As an experienced professional, you will be joining a strong team and bring a number of robust skills and competencies.   Your strong work ethic, excellent interpersonal skills, in-depth knowledge of our industry, and desire to be part of a dynamic organization, drive you to grow professionally and to build a rewarding career.


As a new Experienced Professional, you will be in a leadership role, performing vital responsibilities to benefit the entire team.  These responsibilities are designed to provide an environment where you can leverage your skills, talents, and experience.


Our Culture is driven by the premise that the Team is collectively more valuable than each of its individual parts.  The better you are equipped, the more valuable you are to the Team.  This principle encourages mentorship and open collaboration as well as the desire for professional training from the leading industry experts and national programs on an ongoing basis.

Performance Assessment

Each professional at the Firm participates in regular Performance Assessments to gauge progress, assess strengths and identify gaps where the firm and the individual can develop and implement initiatives to address the most critical matters.  Once implemented, initiatives are regularly monitored to ensure the key priorities are facilitated.