Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

will be our meaningful contribution to building a sustainable environment, our corporate giving and volunteerism for those in need, and to demonstrate the highest standard of integrity and character in everything we do.


At interPres, we are committed to responsible corporate citizenship.  Our Firm seeks to make a difference with sound ethical guidelines, eco-friendly practices, philanthropic actions, and with our volunteering endeavors.  We help create significant change by:

Corporate Giving:  Our program, interPres Gives, actively supports numerous charitable organizations internationally, nationally as well as in the local communities we live and work.  The program company matches financial donations of our People to selected programs and reinforces our commitment to impactful giving.  Supported organizations include Foothill Unity Center, MDA, Charity Water, LA Regional Food Bank, 1199 Foundation, Toys 4 Tots, and Make a Wish Foundation

Individual Volunteerism:  Our people bring the same energy and commitment to their community service as they do in their professional work.  Service is our calling to help others through difficult and challenging times and we excel at it.

Sustainability:   We are dedicated to operating our business in the most eco-friendly manner possible.  As such, our people are leading the way forward by integrating industry leading technology, as well as office furniture, supplies and printed materials which are selected with sustainability in mind.

Code of Ethics and Professional Standards:  It is vitally important that our business be conducted within an ethical framework that builds and sustains trust with our clients, vendors, competitors and with each other.