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Team Culture


The interPres Team is a fully integrated group of professionals delivering a highly specialized suite of solutions to assist corporate occupiers and investors in maximizing their company value through its industrial real estate. Each member serves a designated role targeted at delivering the greatest value to our clients.  The core team consists of Senior Management, Advisory Professionals, and Business Development Associates, as well as its supportive marketing, research, due diligence and administrative staff.  Every member of the Team is dedicated to our Client First culture and is a participant in the compensation of every project we complete.

Our organizational culture is defined by the strengths, weaknesses, education, upbringing, life experiences and diversity of each member of our team.  While the actions and guidance of the executive leadership plays a large role in defining our Culture, every individual is responsible for enhancing and contributing to the success of the Team environment.

A significant factor in building a cohesive and effective Team Culture is during the interview and hiring process.  We understand that, and take an unusual effort to attract and choose individuals who will fit and work successfully with our organization’s Team Culture.

Clear performance expectations, open communication and teamwork are the critical factors to our Team Culture and delivering exceptional results to our clients.